a quick reveiw on…Useborn book of riding and pony care

the Usborne book of riding and pony  care has lots of information about various things just like different riding styles how to groom a horse and much more.  However  some of this stuff is a little confusing…( the wording isn’t quite right!!). If I had my own horse I would not buy this book because you would have to learn to ride the horse and if you do so at a stables they will teach you how do   everything!!

my view on the Usborne  book of riding and pony care  is that it is good for horse enthusiasts  but not for horse owners to use to show them how to do the jobs you have to do. it is a good book for children.



ImageLast weekend i went camping . On a sheep feild and you could tell!There was sheep poo all over the ground sheets of the tents  and we had to clean it. Not nice.


how to make a horse sneeze

ImageWhen I was younger me and  my grandad where out in the countryside  and where petting a horse ( feeding it grass!) whilst I went to get some more grass  my grandad was feeding the horse. As I tourned round I could see the horse was about to sneeze. But as i told my grandad to move the horse sneezed all over my   grandads shirt… not plesant



 i found out some animal jokes!


why do sharks live in salt water?

Because pepper water makes them sneeze


Why  do gorrilas have big nostrels?



rias lost pompom

Goats can live anywhere . And eat any thing…even pompons off gloves!


Some of my school went on a trip to the Christmas market in France and a French goat farm. This is where it happened. Me and a girl called Ria where looking at the goats.One goat had a good look at Ria’s red(mahogany) gloves and they had two pompoms. The goat finally decided  to nibble  one pompom of poor  Ria’s glove. as Ria looks down she sees the remains that haven’t been eaten! This shows that goats will literally eat anything.



Cats are cute and loyal however they can be a pain in the deriere… they dig up the garden  this could be a problem if you love gardening. They are good house pets.No mice.